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Imperial Security Inc.

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 Uniform Services Division

The Uniform Services Division is the largest and most visible entity of Imperial Security Inc. As of January 2015, this forty (40) officer division is staffed by Uniformed Officers, Sergeants, Lieutenants and Captains all under the direction of a Major.

This Uniform Division tasked with a variety of assignments works closely with our clients to achieve the goal of "Protecting Life and Property". The Uniform Patrol Division responds to a variety of incidents and interacts with the public on a daily basis.

To better serve our clients and the community, Imperial Security Inc. has equipped patrol cars with state-of-the-art law enforcement technology such as mobile computers, in-car video systems, Emergency/search lighting and professional quality decals.

Most Imperial Officers can be equipped with Firearms, Expandable Baton, Handcuffs, OC/Pepper Spray, Two-way Radio or the equivalent at the request of our Client. (Note: Unarmed officers do not carry above mentioned items.)

What do Imperial Officer Do?

- Record facts to prepare reports that document incidents and activities.

- Identify, pursue, and detain suspects and perpetrators of criminal acts.

- Monitor, note, report, and investigate suspicious persons and situations, safety hazards, and unusual or illegal activity.

 - Provide for public safety by maintaining order, responding to emergencies, protecting people and property, enforcing motor vehicle and criminal laws, and promoting good community relations.

 - Testify in court to present evidence or act as witness in traffic and criminal cases.

 - Direct traffic flow and reroute traffic in case of emergencies. 

 - Issue citations or warnings to violators of motor vehicle and lease ordinances.

 - Investigate traffic accidents and other accidents to determine causes and if a crime has been committed.

 - Monitor traffic to ensure motorists observe traffic regulations and exhibit safe driving procedures. 

 - Provide road information to assist motorists.

 - Review facts of incidents to determine if criminal act or violations were involved.

 - Render aid to accident victims and other persons requiring first aid for physical injuries. 

- Photograph or draw diagrams of crime or accident scenes and interview principals and eyewitnesses.

 -Patrol specific area on foot, responding promptly to calls for assistance.

 - Inform citizens of community services and recommend options to facilitate longer-term problem resolution.

 - Relay complaint and emergency-request information to appropriate agency dispatchers.

 - Evaluate complaint and emergency-request information to determine response requirements.

 - Process suspects in company data base, and prepare and maintain records/documents of suspects for police arrival.